Nano Solution 日本複合光觸媒 50ml




Composite Photocatalyst

安全放心的淨味殺菌系統 Safe and secure clean odor & sterilization system

  • 光觸媒吸收光能後,可以達到一個高能量狀態,其中包含的能量可以傳遞給反應物質發生化學反應,非常適合分解去除大氣和水中含量稀薄的物質。
  • 通過光照即可分解和處理各種有機化學物質、異臭、細菌、霉菌和油污等。
  • 幼兒、寵物環境可用
  • Anti-Virus, Sterilization
  • Decompose pesticides
  • Safety and suitable for children and pets
  • No alcohol, surfactants & preservatives
  • Fragrance free, no additives
  • After light energy absorption, photocatalyst would achieve high energetic status. The energy contained in it can be transferred to the reacting substance to undergo a chemical reaction. It is highly suitable for decomposing and removing the thin substances in the atmosphere and water.
  • It can decompose and treat various organic chemicals, odors, bacteria, molds, and oil stains through light.


可殺滅病毒、細菌 Anti-viral and -bacterial

無光環境下可吸附並去除異味 Absorb and clean odor in dim environment

  • 磷灰石輔助二氧化鈦光觸媒固定在物體上,兼備避免基材被光觸媒分解,及保護各種鍍膜的表面的功能。
  • 磷灰石披覆二氧化鈦光觸媒,通過磷灰石有效捕捉空氣中的有害物質,然後二氧化鈦則可以催化分解這些物質。分解之後磷灰石恢復吸收能力,由此光觸媒可以半永久使用。
  • 在夜間沒有光照或者光線微弱的情況下,磷灰石可以吸附大量的細菌和有害物質。在普通的家庭室內環境下有害物質,即使數日沒有光照,也可吸附去除它們。
  • Titanium dioxide photocatalyst is a fine powder. As associated by apatite, titanium dioxide photocatalyst could be capable to attached & maintain on object surface.
  • Apatite has the function of separating the surface of the organic substance from the photocatalyst, which can effectively prevent the titanium dioxide from directly contacting the substrate, which not only prevents the substrate from being decomposed by the photocatalyst, but also protects the surface of various coatings.
  • It takes a certain time for the photocatalyst to completely catalyze and decompose organic matter into carbon dioxide and water, but it is usually difficult for the water and reaction substances in the air to stay on the surface of the photocatalyst.
  • Apatite is coated with titanium dioxide photocatalyst. Apatite effectively captures harmful substances in the air through, which would be decomposed by titanium dioxide. Then apatite restores the absorption capacity, so the photocatalyst can be used semi-permanently.
  • Refer to weak light or lightless environment at night, majority of bacteria and harmful substances would be attached on apatite. Harmful substances could still be attached even lightless condition maintain for several days in normal indoor environment.

多份測試報告 Multiple Test Reports

殺滅病毒、抗菌、空氣淨化 Anti-virus, Anti-bacteria, Air Purification

  • 貓杯狀病毒滅活測試
  • 禽流感病毒滅活測試
  • 大腸杆菌滅活測試及多種病菌的殺滅測試
  • REACH、EC 標準
  • SGS 6小時甲醛及乙醛分解測試
  • Feline Calicivirus (FCV) Inactivation Test
  • Avian Influenza Virus Inactivation Test
  • Escherichia Coli Inactivation Test
  • Variety of Inactivation and Anti-bacterial Test
  • REACH & EC Standard by SGS
  • Decomposition Rate of Formaldehyde and Acetaldehyde in 6 hours