A Professional Nanotechnology Brand

Nano Solution

Guaranteeing Hygiene for
Your Peace of Mind

Researched, developed and produced in Japan

EU EC and REACH approved

Rapidly effective

Daily-life applicable

Composite Photocatalyst is able to be effective on anti-bacteria and -viruses in a short period of time. 

It can also accelerate decomposition of Formaldehyde,  Acetaldehyde and Ammonia. Therefore, it can eliminate the smell caused by bacteria. 

Anti-bacterial 24 Hr?
We can do more.

Over 50 international certificates and experiments

Effective to against bacteria and viruses

Safe to children, human body and environment

Long-lasting up to 2 years*

After spraying service for 2 years  

*Nano Silver Ray Coating retains effectiveness on surfaces after 3000 scrubs. 

We also provide after spraying service, in which we will check the value of bacteria (RLU) and re-spraying if the value is failed. 

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Nano Solution

Nano Solution Limited is a professional nanotechnology firm founded in 2016. Our focus is on providing professional nano-technology products and services, through enabling their adoption and applications in a variety of residential and commercial settings.

Among the extensive range of nanotechnology products, we provide are anti-bacterial and anti-viral coating, total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs) & Formaldehyde decomposition technology, fire-extinguishing technology, and self-cleaning materials.